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Endure Capital is an early stage investment VC headed by entrepreneurs. Unlike many venture capital firms, we pride ourselves on being founder-focused. We believe in the people behind the idea, and work with them through challenges, hurdles and objectives. With 3 office is Cairo, California and Dubai, Endure Capital is a youthful yet experienced VC with a focus on supporting entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
We are generally interested in tech enabled and tech startups from all industries that have the following: Market Potential Solving a genuine problem for users in a large existing market or rapidly growing one - we prefer the latter. Product Potential Beautiful, easy-to-use, sophisticated on the inside and people love Founder Potential We love founders who are: Resilient We respect a founder who, in the face of challenges, won’t get demoralized easily, and cannot be distracted by the middle ground because it is ultimately a path to mediocrity. Resourceful Do more than anyone thinks possible, with less than anyone thinks possible. With an eye on what matters most, being resourceful is the ultimate skill to have against all the odds. Imaginative It is not about what looks good on paper, instead, it matters most to be able to have vision and imagination to take your product beyond all expectations.
We see great potential in solutions that are tech enabled and serve the following industries: • Transportation& Automotive • Basic Needs • Cross Border Commerce • Digital Health • Block Chain • Artificial Intelligence If you have a groundbreaking startup in other industries, don’t hesitate to apply
If a company targets a global audience we’re open to investing pretty much anywhere, and some of our best portfolio companies are based in places like Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Silicon Valley, United Kingdom and Canada.

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